The school has fifteen active clubs and five societies. The school programme has Thursdays from 4 to 5 pm set aside for club activities and meetings. This is when club meetings are held. All the students are encouraged to join at least one club and one society. The main aims of the clubs and societies include the following:

1. To educate
2. To stimulate thinking
3. To do research for knowledge and information
4. To entertain
5. To develop creativity
6. To render services to oneself and society
7. To provide an avenue for socialization
8. To help students grow spiritually and morally upright
9. To help students develop and exploit gifts and talents.

The societies include:
1. The Christian Union
2. The Seventh Day Adventists
3. The Legion of Mary
4. The Young Christian Society
5. The Muslim Society.

The club and societies activities are coordinated by the Senior Head of department & the HOD assisted by club patrons.