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Welcome to Kisii School;

Students entering the School can look forward to an invigorating curriculum that will broaden their horizons and propel them to achieve their individual potential. Our unique teaching staff is dedicated to providing stimulating, diverse lessons that inspire students to find new ways to engage with subjects. Our academic prowess at KCSE—high pass-rate—combined with Kisii Schools’ exciting cocurriculuar programme and sporting success, is the basis for our outstanding international reputation.

Our desire to help each student excel is reinforced by our intricate support system that provides guidance and reassurance to students as they adapt to adolescence and the added pressure they might experience in a high-achieving academic environment. The professional School Counsellor provides discreet, expert counselling when it’s needed. We maintain strong links with parents and guardians as students make key decisions at this important juncture in their academic career.

Our Motto:Strive for Excellence




  • School Background
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School Background

Kisii School is a public national boy’s school, which is a non profit public institution established in 1934 to provide quality secondary education to young pupils. The mandate of the school is to implement the government’s educational programmes with the view of developing their potential in national leadership.Immediately after the Colonial Government become interested in education, following the Phelps-Stokes Commission report of 1925, Kisii School started in 1934 as Government African School (GAS). The local Native Council of South Kavirondo raised the funds.


The following are the school’s major highlights:

1934 - Started Artisan courses at Primary School (Std. equivalent to STD 4-6). But when, it was unable to get pupils, the school admitted pupils in the sub standard level (equivalent of standard 2 and 3) with 15 pupils.
1938 - Presented the first candidates for Primary School Examinations. By now, the school had 60 pupils in 2 streams of 30 each. The students had to be 50% Kisii and 50% Luo (Kisii 30 Pupils, Luo 30 pupils)
1945 - The Secondary School section was started. At that time, this was called the Junior Secondary- equivalent to standard 7 and 8. The population was still 60 per class.

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Kisii School has consistently maintained itself as an excelling school. It continues to excel in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and is always among the top schools nationwide. The school is very competitive to join, and only the students who perform best in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education are offered admission. Read More